Coucou, I'm Kate

I'm originally from London, moved to Paris for six months, ended up staying for five years, and am now a Copywriter and Junior Creative at WiTH Collective in Sydney.

Thanks to an unreasonable amount of coffee, I made Top 10 student at AWARD School NSW 2017. You can view my portfolio (and understand why I decided not to study art at uni) here.

While we're on the subject of links, find out more about my current work in advertising and past life as a music/travel/features journalist here, and read (some) of my journo work here.

Other things I enjoy include casually dropping Paris into conversations, standing at the back of mosh pits, brunching, taking photos of street art, drinking gin in bars with mismatched furniture, patting dogs that don't belong to me and working on my novel which contains an implausible number of long sentences.

Want to chat ideas, get coffee or pat dogs together? Sweet. Please shoot me an email.