Eurostar Metropolitan

With drugs, sex, and some killer cameos, Jazz Party’s debut film clip is as awesome as it is disconcerting
Drawing on Stockholm syndrome, the Bali Nine and women’s empowerment, Castlecomer’s All Of The Noise isn’t afraid of the big issues
Childlike wonder, the aches of the early 20’s and… Britney Spears? Find out all about the influences behind Julia Jacklin’s debut album
Rainbow Chan isn't letting heartache get her down, with Spacings, the upbeat, poppy take on love we all need
Above the clouds with Rainbow Chan
Who needs fancy film clips when you have as much charisma as Canary do on this live version of Smile
Take a tripped-out nighttime drive with S M Jenkins on High Beamin' and try not to get lost
Soak Up Yumi Zouma's Yoncalla, a mind blowing debut that beats all the odds

A Paris Classic : Harry's New York Bar - Chosen as Jeff Gordinier's What We're Reading under The New York Times' Dining section

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